Friday, October 2, 2009

Yoko's Other Man

I was thinking about which artist has really had an impact today, and it was funny that the first one that came to my mind was also linked with Yoko Ono.  Maybe the lady's bad luck, who knows?  All I know is this man is a huge icon in my favorite genre of art...pop art.  Many questioned his sexuality, religious beliefs, and overall mental health.  I think you know who I'm talking about.

Andy Warhol

Even though he passed away in February of 1987, his work still serves as an example of what the human mind can be capable of...on acid.  No, just kidding!  This man had his hand in every mode of art possible.  Some of his best works include: paintings of various celebrities, films such as Chelsea Girls, and leading The Velvet Underground.  I think the best part about Andy Warhol was that he was not afraid to push buttons and go against the crowd.  Think you've got the talent to be another Warhol...prove it! 

On August 21st, Bramblitt Contemporary Gallery posted an article entitled, "Can I Be an Artist?"  One of the main things they mentioned is that just asking yourself if you can be an artist shows you've got the drive to do it.  Being an artist is not always about just having natural talent.  Otherwise, there would be no art schools in existence.  Some people just feel like something's missing without it.  I'm all about supporting the arts!  So what does Cindy say?  Support your local museums! :-)

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