Monday, October 5, 2009

Little Drummer Boy

Happy Monday everybody!!! I hope everyone's weekend was as restful as mine.  Back to business though.  I had time to think about what I wanted to cover today over the weekend.  When I was a little girl, I was in love with the drums and anyone who could play them.  My father tried to teach me, but that was shortlived.  Looking back, I wish I would've stuck with them.  Everyone loves a female drummer, right? Yeah, I know.  On that note I'd like to use today to talk about great drummers.  They are the back bone of every band regardless of what anyone says.  Girls like to swoon over guitar players (which you'll catch me doing once in a blue moon), but drummers are my pick!  I may get some argument over my pick for best drummer today, but this man has been my pick for over 15 years.  If anyone disagrees, run to the comments section!

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My pick for best drummer...drumroll please....

Steven Adler of Guns n Roses

I know I've just upset someone! :-)  I have several reasons for choosing Mr. Adler, so hear me out for a moment.  Number 1- Even after having a heart attack and two strokes, the man taught himself to play drums again.  That's a real drummer.  Number 2- Listen to Appetite for Destruction and tell me it's not awesome!  I know everyone listens to Welcome to the Jungle every now and then. 

If there are any aspiring drummers out there, learn from this man.  If I had more discipline, I would have stuck with the drums myself.  Remember gentlemen...drummers get the chicks! haha.

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If anyone disagrees about Steven Adler being amazing on the drums, let me know who you think is better!

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