Thursday, October 8, 2009

Make me Swoon!

Happy Thursday!  Today, I will be discussing the part of the band that brings in all the money.  For those of you who have ever been to a concert, at some point during the show you will find yourself zeroing in on these people and watching them play in awe.  Well, if it's a good band you will.  I'm talking about the guitar players.  As I said previously, I go after the drummers; but I have witnessed women countless times fawning over the guitarists.  I get it, these guys are talented.  If I ever did pick up a guitar, I'd be a bass player.  One string less to worry about! haha. 

Yamaha TRB1005 Bass Guitar               

RKS Wave Guitar

In terms of guitarists that I think are amazing, I'm torn between two...

Joe Perry of Aerosmith                                                                        



                                                                      Richie Sambora of
                                                                                     Bon Jovi


These guys have been holding guitars for decades, and I think they've proven themselves in the music world.  If I thought anyone younger had as much talent, they would've been up here.  Actually, let me be fair and give Slash of Guns n Roses/ Velvet Revolver a special mention.  :-)  He's paid his dues too!

Who's the guitarist that inspires you?  See you tomorrow!

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