Monday, September 29, 2008

Free Propellerhead Reason 4?

Get your Propellerhead Reason 4

I've been using Propellerhead's Reason since its first incarnation back in 2000. Reason houses a virtual studio rack loaded with great sounding gear and an easy-to-use sequencer. The samplers and synthesizers provide me with an arsenal of useful sounds while the effects and signal processors give me everything I need to mix and master my songs. To this day I'm amazed with the sound quality I get from Reason, and it's no wonder I keep going back again and again. For my needs, no other program is as versatile or intuitive, which is why I use it on nearly every project. Whether it's rock, hip-hop, or even classical, my songs always come together faster and sound better when I use Reason. When I want to add guitars, vocals or other live instruments, I simply ReWire Reason to Pro Tools and I've got the best of both worlds working simultaneously.

For those of us who appreciate the ability to work within the virtual environment, using familiar "real world" tools, Reason is indispensable. For instance: the Reason rack can be flipped around, revealing all the various connections on each device, while routing is accomplished by connecting the devices with animated patch cables. It is a truly surreal experience, which begs the question "Why isn't everybody doing this?"

New in Reason 4, the Thor Polyphonic Synthesizer blew me away with its intense sounds and extreme flexibility. The presets alone were jaw dropping, let alone the sheer amount of editable parameters for manipulating them. I was also very impressed with the newly revamped sequencer. I am always impressed with Propellerhead's ability to integrate new features without creating a massive learning curve for their users. Other new features like the RPG-8 Monophonic Arpeggiator and ReGroove Mixer inspire creative new ways for building tracks, while classic devices like Subtractor and Malstrom continue to hold their own as some of the best sounding recreations of analog gear to date.

For better or worse. Till death do us part. They'll be prying this piece of software from my cold dead hands. I don't need "a" reason to live... I need Reason 4 by Propellerhead to live.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Free Xyron Wishblade?

Get a Free Xyron Wishblade

The Xyron Wishblade cutting machine comes with software that makes welding words, creating shadows, auto-tracing items for simple cropping, fast and effortless! Take a look at the video to find more about it.

Get a Free Xyron Wishblade

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Free Cricut Create Personal Cutting Machine?

Provo Craft, craft & hobby industry leaders and creators of thepopular Cricut devices, today announced the latest addition to theline: the Cricut Create(TM) personal cutting machine.

The Cricut Create combines the portability of the original Cricutwith many of the features of the Cricut Expression(R). Like theoriginal Cricut(R), the Cricut Create weighs around 10 pounds and isabout the size of a typical home printer. But unlike the original, theCricut Create allows cuts from 0.25" up to 11.5" on a 6" x 12" cuttingmat and also has several features previously available only with theCricut Expression.

The Cricut Create is perfect for the crafter that needsheavy-duty output from a lightweight machine, whether at home, on theroad or in the classroom," said Tonia Conger, Provo Craft's directorof marketing. "We see it as the next logical step in empowering womento express their creativity in the most unique ways possible.

Borrowing from the Cricut Expression, the Cricut Create offers a portrait mode, an auto-fill mode, fit-to-page mode, a center pointfunction and flip function. The Cricut Create is compatible with allcartridges as well as the new Cricut Jukebox(TM) and CricutDesignStudio(TM) software.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Free Family Tree Maker 2008?

Family Tree Maker 2008 is the friendliest genealogy program on the market. The design gives you a fast start on building your family tree and promotes the most vigorous growth over time. The layout is efficient, the tree theme is engaging, and the prompts are effective. Here is a program that makes genealogy easy, accurate and rewarding. It comes with a 6 month subscription to, the leading online site for genealogy research.

Features Set
Family Tree Maker is organized differently than other programs. Seven screens or workspaces are available for different tasks. Most of your work will be done in the People Workspace. One screen, three views: pedigree, family and individual. You can easily customize both individual and shared facts for a person by selecting from a comprehensive list including religious rites and retirement dates.

Bonus Features
Gain understanding of the events that may have shaped the lives of your relatives. Easily add significant world events to an individual’s timeline with one click. Wars, major achievements and natural disasters are listed by year with the individual’s age at the time of the event.

Ease of Use
The layout and design is attractive and intuitive with helpful prompts at every step: importing, adding people, researching potential new members, and reporting. Unlike other programs, the primary Workspace—People—combines the family and pedigree view along with the highlighted individual’s personal information.

Help and documentation
Family Tree Maker 2008 video tutorials are well produced, designed to jumpstart the complex process of genealogical research. Once you get started, the program has built-in prompts and an extensive searchable help section. Online, you’ll find a searchable knowledge base, user forum and customer service.

A beautifully designed program seamlessly integrated with a huge database will inspire the genealogist. The emphasis is on discovery—growing your tree with minimal frustration and maximum accuracy. If you’re searching for a family program, this is the one.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Free Imagine Line Fl Studio 8?

Get your free Imagine Line FL Studio 8

This new version has many new features and changes. Some key new features:

  1. FL Synthmaker is a fully modular environment where you can create & share your own FL instruments, effects & dashboards, all without the need to write basic code in a modular 'plug-n-go' workspace.
  2. One-click-recording using Edison wave editor plugin. Edison ia a fully integrated audio editing and recording tool with spectral analysis, convolution reverb, loop-recording and more.
  3. Slicex, the powerhouse drumloop slicer & re-arranging tool.
    Soundgoodizer is a 'maximizer-enhancer' plugin based on the Maximus sound-process engine.
  4. Fruity Limiter for maximizing & compressing final mixes or individual tracks. Free to all users.
  5. Better integration with controllers. FL Studio can permanently learn and remember links to external controllers with the new ‘multilink’ function + 'Override generic links' option.
    Wave Candy, a flexible audio analysis and visualization tool with Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer and Peak Meter.
  6. Sinc interpolation now faster (64 point sinc now usable in real-time, depending on CPU)
  7. Rendering with improved latency compensation
  8. Score logger, records all MIDI & note activity for instant recall. Everything you play, whether or not recording is active, is captured and ready to be dumped to the Piano roll.
  9. Directwave Player, broaden your musical palette with downloadable sound banks and multi-sample sets.
  10. Recording filter, to select Audio, Automation or Note data recording sessions, independently or in any combination.
  11. Slip editing and resizing tool has been added to the Playlist for all clip types.
  12. Multi-core safe plugins are threaded for performance gain on multi-core CPUs.
  13. A 'Selected mixer track' has been added to the Mixer. The selected mixer track is routed there for better integration with visual effects or a recording Edison.
  14. FL8 supports track-based sequencing in the Playlist. Pattern Clips present sequence data as Audio and/or Automation Clips
  15. An 'Online Panel', to keep users updated with content and patches.

Get your free Imagine Line FL Studio 8


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Free Pazzles Inspiration Electronic Cutter?

This is the die cutting machine everyone has been waiting for! It does not require the use of cartridges and cuts, draws, embosses, engraves, pierces, and distresses many materials. Includes a designing software to create and produce your own images using photos and a scanner. It offers innovative features such as automated image tracing and automatic welding.

Get A Free Pazzles Inspiration Electronic Cutter

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Free Cricut Expression Machine?

Get a free Cricut Expression Machine

The Cricut Expression machine is a large unit meant to stay on a table. It cuts shapes, letters, and phrases in impressive sizes. With this machine, you can create bigger die cuts for classroom decor, scrapbook layouts, signage, and more! The Cricut Expression allows you to:
  1. Mix and match features in the same cut
  2. Use library of exisitng Cricut cartidges
  3. Cut portrait or landscape
  4. Change settings such as language and measure units

The video gives an introduction to the machine's features and capabilities. If you are looking for an electronic die cut machine, you have found the perfect deal!

Get a free Cricut Expression Machine

Free Michaels Arts & Crafts Store Gift Card?

Get a Free $500 Michaels Gift Card

Michaels, the nation's largest arts and crafts specialty retailer with annual sales topping $3.3 billion, opens its 1000th store on Sunday, September 14 at its newest store in San Antonio.

"This important milestone comes at a time when we are actively evolving our business to reflect our customers' needs," said Brian C. Cornell, Michaels Chief Executive Officer. "The 1000th store celebration marks not only how far we've come as a company, but how we are continuing to improve as we expand past the one-thousand-store mark."

One visible change will be a new logo that will roll out nationally in Michaels ads the week leading up to the opening ceremony at the 1000th store."Our new logo and tagline are an outward symbol that signifies how we have listened to our customers," said Aitken.

Get your Michaels gift card just in time for the holidays:

Monday, September 8, 2008

Help a Reader: Airbrush Kit

A reader asked me to find an offer for airbush kits. Here is what I sent her:

After completing the process, this reader gave me feedback:

"I’ve always wanted a airbush kit so I couldn’t resist completing the offers required for this excellent free gift. The redemption center was quick and now I have my airbush kit! I love it!"

Get your free airbrush kit by visiting this site:

And don't hesitate to send me any hobby related questions. I can help you find great deals online!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Free Print Shop 23 Deluxe?

I found a great deal when looking for “print shop 23” on Google (under sponsored links):

I went through a series of pages that required my personal information and signing up for free trails. I also used the Refer-A-Friend option to avoid paying for any other services. After spending a couple of hours completing the process, I am waiting to receive my free Print Shop 23 Deluxe.

I am very excited to start using this software because I can create greeting cards, stationary, calendars, posters, signs, and business cards. If you want a great desktop publishing solution, click here:

Die Cutting Machines Poll

I am searching for the best die cutting machine to get started with my new hobby: scrapbooking. I have read several reviews about the different machines in the market, but I want your opinions. Please share with me your experience. Thanks!

Which is the best die cutting machine?

View Results
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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Free Brother Computerized Sewing Machine?

Computerized sewing machines remember my favorite stitch and the buttonhole configuration that I wish to repeat many times. I used my friend's computerized sewing machine and it automatically sets the stitch length and width, adjusts the tension, and tells you which presser foot to use. It saves a lot of time and it offers so many helpful features.

The only problem is that these machines can be very expensive. I wanted to find a used one, but what I found was ten times better. This site:
gives away a Brother computerized sewing machine for free! Let me share with you my journey through the best kept secret of the web:

Finding the product
I searched on Google for "computerized sewing machine" and found this link

Finding who is behind this offer
A company called World Avenue. Apparently, this company offers other items for free. How exciting!

Requirements to receive product
I used a secure Internet connection, gave away personal information (address, email), and spent about an hour going through the process.

Overall experience
I filled out a profile page and then answered a series of survey questions. Then I navegated through a series of pages with different offers. I signed up for a free trial of movie rentals, a couple of credit cards, and to receive coffee sample. I also used the refer a friend option and spent nothing out of pocket. I had to choose the zero cost offers slowly.

I completed the process and now I am waiting to receive my Brother Computerized Sewing Machine! I can't wait to start using it and learn more about its features. Maybe I can start an alterations small business from home!