Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Candle Making Safety

To many candle lovers the passion only requires them to light the candle with a match and watch the beauty of the candle light up and have the scent emanate through the room. If only it were that easy for those of us making the candles and providing the materials. The burning of a candle can be a magnificent event for the end user when the candle is made properly and performs to the end user’s satisfaction.

However, when you begin to pour candles, you quickly learn that this is not an easy goal to achieve. While the color, the design of the candle and the scent are very important factors and basically are what sell the candle, I think the overwhelming concern to the producer is that it burns safely for the end user. When making candles of any type, safety should always be the operative word both in terms of the manufacturing process and when the candle is burned.

In most instances the same "general safety" procedures can be followed for making paraffin and natural wax in pillar form, votives, containers or novelties. However, in some instances specific products do have additional safety needs It is always important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when using any product.

The importance of burning safety of the candle cannot be overemphasized. We cannot cover all aspects of making a safe candle, so it is important that you research the safety recommendations for specific materials that you are using.

If you are ready to start making candles, you may want to check out http://www.art-coliseum.com/rd_p?p=150282&t=6722&gift=24824&a=224824-blog. This website offers free candle making supplies! The drop down menu also includes a candle maker. Have fun!


Free Wilton Cake Decorating Tools?

This is the first "free" offer I will review related to Arts, Crafts, and Hobbies.
I am learning how to decorate cakes for birthdays, weddings, and other events. I want to get the right tools to make my life easier. After my cake-decorating friend recommended to use Wilton cake supplies, I found out the 101 pc tool caddy set costs anywhere from $102-$155. Since that is too expensive for me, I decided to get it cheaper. I found a website that offers this set for free! I want to share my experience with you:

How and where can this product be found
I searched for wilton cake on Google. I found this site under the paid listings (on the right side of the results page.)

What company offers this product
World Avenue Corporation offers this product and many others. I will investigate some more about it and post what I find.

What is required to receive this product
I used basic information such as address and email, a secure internet connection, and anywhere from 35 minutes to 2 hours to review and sign up for free offers.

My experience with this offer
At first I filled out a profile page with basic information and filled out some survey questions. Then I got to a series of pages where I signed up for free trials (movie rentals, groceries, credit cards). I also used the refer a friend option to avoid paying a cent out of my pocket. I completed the process and now I'm waiting to receive the Wilton Cake Decorating tools. I am sure they will arrive just in time for me to make my daugther's birthday cake! I will update as soon as I receive it!