Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This Isn't It...

Hey guys,

So yesterday they released the new posthumous single from Michael Jackson, "This is it."  Come to find out that the song was actually written 18 years ago with a Puerto Rican singer who is now threatening to sue unless he gets paid royalties and gets credit, and so on.  I swear Michael's probably turning in his grave right now because of how his "friends and loved ones" are handling all of his business.  So sad!  Only several months after he passed away there's a movie and new albums coming out.  I understand that the world should acknowledge a great artist.  However, this is to the point where financial greed is overshadowing the intentions. 

Michael Jackson 32 DVD Collection Box Set

If you haven't listened to the song yet, you may want to hold off.  It is kind of disappointing compared to some of the other songs Michael has given us over the years, "Jon Pareles, the chief pop critic of The New York Times, said in a blog it "won't be on anyone's list of best Michael Jackson songs, even if it's a long list" and hoped there was something better in the Michael Jackson vaults of album outtakes."

Another article that included the orginal writer of the song, Paul Anka, claims Jackson "stole" the tapes from his recording studio way back when.  OK people, the man is dead already.  He went through enough torture when he was alive!  I think he got the point already. 

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