Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Living like a Starving Artist!

Hey all,

There's something important that needs to be addressed today, so I'm interrupting the star of the day theme I had going.  I don't know if anyone has noticed, but this country is going downhill financially and we're all going with it.  People are not able to find jobs, feed their families, or keep it together emotionally.  I myself am feeling the effects also.  I don't usually self disclose this much, but I have a 16 month old little girl at home.  She's my little angel, and I'd love to give her more in life which isn't possible lately.  Does it hurt? Absolutely!  One of the ways I've been able to spoil her somewhat without spending a lot of money is making some new clothes for her.  Yes, I said MAKING!  Let's not get lazy.  I know a lot of people don't have time, but it's not time consuming.  If you're a parent who's not able to give a lot to their child/children right now, this may be an option. 

Here's an attached link for a clothes making kit and some other items to save you guys some $$$. 
Clothes Making Kit

Sewing Machine Package

Singer 9920 Quantum Sewing Machine

Just a note on these links.  I add them all the time because they work.  These items do have offers that need to be completed, but it's not a lengthy process and you do get the item.  I wouldn't be surviving otherwise.  These items have allowed me to fix up some of my daughter's current clothes, instead of being forced to buy new ones. 

My goal was not to put a damper on the mood of this blog, but this has been a big issue lately.  I hope this advice is able to help someone out there.  For you dads who think sewing is a female thing...get over it.  I don't forecast times getting better any time soon.   I want everybody to let me know some other ways they have been able to make things work in their current state with the economy.  Have a great day everyone!

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